Trusted by thousands of users all over the world

Ole Christian Frenning, Founder of FotoWare (1973, at Dagbladet)

25 Years of Experience

“More than a handful of our customers are celebrating 20 years with us, having been here since the very beginning.”

FotoStation was initially developed by FotoWare for newsroom and picture desks to handle large volumes of images from photojournalist in 1990’s. Over the past 25 years it has been the preferred workflow management choice for professional photographers and picture editors worldwide in 12 languages for PC or Mac.

FotoStation 4.5 (2002)

A bare bones approach

“We’ve been so close to the core of the technology that if you pick up a FotoStation from 1997, it still works well on Windows 10.

Actually some of our customers never bother upgrading, because what they bought back then still works, still does the job. I think that’s one of the reasons we’re still here.”

– Christopher Frenning, a former CEO at FotoWare

FotoWare has chosen a bare bones approach to FotoStation, from a technological point of view FotoWare has never chosen the easiest route.

The FotoWare Team (2018)

Turning a vision into reality

“Driving pioneering innovation to make a difference in users’ lives”
–  FotoWare Vision

Our team of 66 people works relentlessly to offer every organization in the world the most compelling experience possible when working with rich media files. FotoWare is present in 46 countries through our partner network with 150+ certified engineers, and we work closely with every organization that needs a customized experience.