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While FotoStation is more focused on helping you take full control of a large number of image files, Lightroom provides a powerful set of photo editing features.

Read this article to learn more: FotoStation vs. Lightroom: Which one to use?

Once your purchase has completed, a confirmation will be sent to the email address that you used when purchasing FotoStation. This email will contain your order number and a product key, which will be used to activate your new software. The product key will be a mix of numbers and letters, and will look similar to this: XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX.

If you haven’t already downloaded and installed FotoStation, just click on DOWNLOAD on our home page to begin the download process. If you’ve already downloaded and installed FotoStation, you’re ready to activate with your product key.

To launch FotoStation on Mac OS X, open the Finder and goto Applications, then double click on “FotoStation LT”. You will now see a window that presents two blue buttons. The first gives you the option to use or continue a 14 day trial, while the second, which says “I Have a License Key” will prompt you for the key from your email. The easiest way to activate is to copy and paste the key into the field provided, although you can also manually enter the key by typing. You will need to type the dash “-” between the sets of characters, and also please keep in mind that the letters are all uppercase, and there is no capital letter “O”…we only use zeros, to avoid confusion between these two characters.

Once you’ve entered your product key, click the blue Submit button, and the activation process will begin. Clicking Submit will contact the license server via the internet and activate your product. Upon successful activation, you will see a Thank You screen with a blue box in the top right corner (X in the middle)…click on the X and FotoStation will launch. Now you’re on your way! Enjoy your new FotoStation software!

This is quite normal, as the trial mode will run for a full 14 days until expiry before the retail product key that you activated “takes over”.

Rest assured that you have access to all program features during the trial period, and that FotoStation will keep running with the activated retail key when the trial period ends (at which point the “Trial” notification also disappears).

Your FotoStation license is valid for one person but activation on two (2) computers.

This means that you can for instance install it at home and on your office computer, as long as you are the only user. The license is valid for both the Windows and Mac versions, so if you have one of each you can activate one on each platform

No worries, if you forgot to activate (or didn’t get the chance), we can help.
Use the form below to reset your activation key. You can then use it again activate FotoStation on your new computer.

Go here to reset your license

If you buy a new computer and want to install and run FotoStation on that machine, you will first have to deactivate FotoStation on the old machine, and then activate your license on the new one. Follow the steps below to deactivate FotoStation on your old computer so that it can be installed and activated on the new one.

Before continuing, make sure that you have the FotoStation software at hand for installation on your new computer, and that you have the email with your product key. The product key is required to install and activate FotoStation on your new machine.

  • Deactivate FotoStation on your old computer. To do so, start FotoStation, then open the Help menu and choose Deactivate.
  • In the deactivation window, select your license and click on Next to continue to deactivate the software. FotoStation will exit when the deactivation is complete.
  • Install FotoStation on your new computer.
    When you start FotoStation on your new machine, you will be asked to activate your copy of FotoStation. Fill in the product key exactly as it appears on your license card, in the email you received or as it is listed in the license center (you can copy and paste the key for easy entry).
    A green checkmark will indicate that you have entered a valid product key

If you encounter problems when trying to activate FotoStation, the below instructions can help you troubleshoot the issue yourself before you contact support.

Problem: You have activated a license for which isn’t valid for this version of FotoStation. Only licenses purchased on www.fotostation.com are valid.
Solution: The license key has already been activated on this machine, but it is not valid for running this version of FotoStation. This could happen because you’re trying to activate a FotoStation Pro key, while you are in fact running FotoStation 8.0. If you do have a key for FotoStation Pro, you need to download the correct version of FotoStation from the Customer Portal at www.fotoware.com.

Problem: You get the following error message after activating a license: “The license key you are trying to activate is already activated on this computer”
Solution: The license has already been activated on this machine, but it not valid for running this version of FotoStation. Could it be that that you’re trying to activate a license for FotoStation Pro while you are in fact running FotoStation 8.0?

Problem: You are not allowed to connect to the Internet and cannot activate the license
Solution: You can perform an “offline activation” using the “Activation Wizard”

Open the Windows start menu / home screen and start typing Activate licenses. When the start menu shows the Activate licenses shortcut, click on it to start the activation wizard and fill in the product key as instructed.
An alternative way to start the activation wizard is to choose Start – Run and type fwappactwiz and press OK. That will also start the FotoWare Activation Wizard.

Mac OS
Open the Terminal application on the mac and type the following to start the Activation Wizard:
“/Applications/FotoStation.app/Contents/MacOS/FotoWare-Activation-Assistant” -activate

The rest of the offline activation procedure is described here:

Problem: Activation fails with “Error 0/0”
This error code can also be manifested as 76/61026 or 21/126. The problem is local to the machine. This is an issue with the FLEXNet licensing service.

Solution for Windows:
• Go to the Control Panel and select “Services” – FLEXnet Licensing Service. If this service is not present then you need to run the FotoWare installer again. If the service is there and started, then proceed to the next point.
• Go to C:\ProgramData\FlexNet and delete the activation files “fotoware_006ef600_event” and “fotoware_006ef600_tsf.data” (or similar). Do NOT delete anything else. Other products that use the same activation scheme also store files here – these must NOT be deleted. (If you cannot see the _tsf.data file, check the Windows folder settings and make sure that hidden files are being shown.)
• Try to activate your product key again: Hit Start | Run “fwappactwiz” and enter your activation code. Then try to restart the FotoWare application.

Solution for Mac:
• In the Finder, open the Go menu and choose Go to Folder
• Type in:
/Library/Preferences/FLEXnet Publisher/FLEXnet

then hit OK.
• Find two files that are named somewhat like this:
• Delete these files and try again to launch FotoStation and activate your product key.

Important: DO NOT delete any other files from this folder! Doing so can break the activation for other software products on your machine.

If you’re running a version of FotoStation downloaded before sept. 28th 2017, it will not run on macOS High Sierra. You can download an updated version of FotoStation that is compatible with macOS High Sierra.
Your existing FotoStation configuration will remain intact after updating to the latest version.

We are working on fixing this problem, but until further notice, it is necessary to manually allow FotoStation to run on your machine. This is completely safe, and is easy, just read the instructions below:

How to allow FotoStation to run on your Macintosh

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