Work smarter on your photos.
Faster than ever before!

The new FotoStation metadata editor

The new metadata editor is our most powerful yet, enabling you to work more efficiently with multiple photos at once.

A better view of your photos

The biggest change with the new metadata editor is the new filmstrip view. This allows you to easily work on multiple photos at once, make sub-selections, and edit metadata far quicker and easier than before.

The Filmstrip View in the new FotoStation metadata editor

Easily edit your metadata

We’ve also made it much easier to compare and visually identify differences in your photos’ metadata too. Now, you can edit, apply, or replace values in seconds – all it takes is a couple of clicks!

Applying metadata to a selection in the new FotoStation metadata editor

Quickly find missing metadata

FotoStation will now automatically select any photos with missing metadata if you try to close the editor before adding it, and highlight them for you in the filmstrip so you can easily find the specific photos.

Missing Metadata Notice in the new FotoStation metadata editor

Our most intelligent autocomplete

The new and improved autocomplete for QuickLists helps you fill in the right metadata at lightning-fast speed, saving you precious time! Simply start typing and watch as FotoStation intelligently offers suggestions.

Missing Metadata Notice in the new FotoStation metadata editor

Try it now!

All FotoStation Pro and Client users can access the new metadata editor right now
on Windows and Mac – click here to read how or watch the tutorial video here

FotoStation 8.0 users can
upgrade to FotoStation Pro to benefit from
the powerful new metadata editor experience – plus much more!