Over the last year, we’ve been working hard to innovate and improve FotoStation. It is our aim to ensure that FotoStation makes your life easier by helping you to work more efficiently with your photos – and that it continues to play an essential part in speeding up your photography workflow.

After many months of hard work, we are excited to share with you the news that we have launched our new and improved metadata editor experience!

A few words from the team: “The main improvement we wanted to make was for working on multiple assets. We wanted to make it easier for users to pick and choose metadata and apply changes to a sub selection of their photos. Working with multiple assets was really the key.”

“Previously, you could only add metadata to a bunch of files without seeing what metadata you had on each one. If you wanted to see what you had, then you had to edit one by one. “Now, you can see what you have when working with multiple assets.

Who can use the new metadata editor?

The new editor is available to use immediately for all existing FotoStation Pro and Client users.

FotoStation 8.0 users can upgrade to FotoStation Pro to access the powerful capabilities of the new editor and much, much more!

Click here to see the full comparison of FotoStation Pro vs. FotoStation 8.0

How to access the new metadata editor In order to access the new metadata editor in FotoStation Pro or Client, you can simply click on the metadata tab in the program menu and enable the editor by clicking on ‘Use new editor experience’. Now, once you’ve made a selection of files, when you click the Metadata button in the toolbar (Shortcut Ctrl-T), the metadata editor will open with the new experience.

Enabling the new metadata editor experience in FotoStation Pro or Client

Note: the old editor experience will still be usable by going through the previous steps and unselecting ‘Use new editor experience’ in the metadata program menu. However, we recommend using the new editor.

Read more about editing metadata in FotoStation on learn.fotoware.com

For a full walkthrough of the new metadata editor experience, you can watch this short tutorial video and discover all the main features in under 4 minutes!

If you are currently using FotoStation 8.0 and would like to access the powerful capabilities of the new and improved metadata editor, you can upgrade to FotoStation Pro today by clicking here

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