How to approve and reject files

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When sorting files in an archive, one often finds a need to do a rough initial sorting.

To this end, you can apply tags to selected files based on whether they’re Tagged  (for example approved for keeping), Rejected (stuff you don’t want to keep) or Unclassified (assets you have not yet tagged for one or the other).

How to apply tags

Using the keyboard for navigation, you can apply tags using the T (Tagged), R (Rejected) and U (Unclassified) keys. You can tag files from the Thumbnail Grid view or any other view in FotoStation, even in preview windows.

Filtering by tags

Having tagged a number of assets, you can apply a filter to only display files with a given tag: Use Shift-T/R/U to display files marked as TaggedRejectedand/or Unclassified, respectively. The keyboard shortcut can be used to toggle the filter on and off.

Tip: Before you start tagging files in an archive, hit Shift-U to display all Unclassified files (in practice, at this point all files that have not yet been classified will be shown). Then, as you choose to keep or reject files using the T and R keys they will disappear from view to help you keep track of which files remain to be tagged.