Get FotoStation for ONLY €25 with code 25years

This May FotoStation celebrates its 25th birthday!

It has been a long journey that started in Norwegian newsrooms and picture desks. Now FotoStation by FotoWare is used across the globe and serves different purposes — from setting up professional photography workflows to capturing family moments 👪

So, we are celebrating this May and would love you to join us! We created a special discount code that allows you to buy FotoStation LT for the crazy offer of €25 instead of €159. The offer is valid til May 31st 2020. 

Hope you celebrate with us and join a network of thousands of photographers from around the world.

Now, a bit of business.

How To Claim the Discount?

1. Click here and add FotoStation 8.0 to the cart.

2. Use a discount code 25years at a checkout.

3. Pay once and use your FotoStation forever! We do hope you will enjoy it.

Do you want to start using FotoStation Pro?

We also have a special offer for our FotoStation Pro. You can get it with 25% discount using the code 25yearsPRO. Learn more here

Do You Have Any Questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us by using comment section below. We will reach out to you in no time!

People in front of the wall

Anders Bergman and Ole Christian Frenning, founders of FotoWare

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